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Antidepressants – Are They More Effective Than TMS - ketmaine KC - kansas city mo - leawood ks
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Antidepressants – Are They More Effective Than TMS?

The psychiatric medication produces both beneficial as well as frustrating results. The statement is consistent with the STAR*D study. It is a large multi-center study with regards to the treatment of depression. The study was sponsored by the renowned Natural Institute of Mental Health.

This is a definitive study that involved thousands of patients and just one in every three patients was able to reach remission after their first attempt of antidepressant drug. Furthermore, it indicated that with every successive attempt, the rate of response decreased significantly while increasing the probability of side effects.

If you look at the graphical representation of the study, in the fourth drug attempt, the odds of achieving remission were even less than 7%.

So what is the better option than using psychiatric medication?

Well, the answer is Transcranial Magnetic StimulationTMS. The therapy is FDA approved and shows excellent and progressive results in patients who have been suffering for years with both anxiety and depression. In fact, more than 80% of individuals who were treated with TMS therapy showed significant improvement in eliminating symptoms or achieving remission.

Advantages of TMS Therapy

Following are the instantly achieved benefits of TMS therapy.

  • Highly effective – around 80% of the patients showed a significant
  • Non-invasive – the therapy involves no medication, sedation or anesthesia and patient stays alert and awake during the treatment.
  • Non-systematic – this therapy works precisely and does not affect other body parts.
  • Minimal Side-EffectsTMS has no side effects which are commonly observed with different medications like sexual dysfunction, weight gain, nausea or tiredness.

The therapy takes charge when antidepressants fail to make a difference. However, the treatment should only be conducted by professionals as they are qualified enough to help you achieve instant results in just one session.

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