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What Are Additional Tests Conducted Before Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

As we know ketamine is an anesthetic drug that is effectively and safely used in hospitals worldwide. The drug is now also used in sub-anesthetic dosage to treat chronic depression in people belonging to different age groups.

Before you receive the ketamine infusion therapy, there are some additional test administered by your psychiatrist to finally ascertain if you meet the exclusion/inclusion criteria. These additional tests include;

Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9)

The PHQ-9 is actually a 1-2 minutes brief and self-administered test. It is conducted to measure the depression severity in the patient and

Is There An Evidence Of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation For The Treatment Of Chronic Depression

Is There An Evidence Of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation For The Treatment Of Chronic Depression?

Since its introduction, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation – TMS has been tested through different studies for its efficacy in treating major depression. There are many clinical trials (more than 20) that prove this treatment to be a successful brain stimulation method.

Brain stimulation techniques are the only treatment modality that can possibly be used to treat the patients with treatment-resistant depression. This is exactly what was proven through various controlled and randomized trials which investigated the potential of rTMS to treat chronic depression.

To give you an example;

Toro, et al. studied the rTMS

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TMS – A non-invasive method that is changing the modern medicine practices

The transcranial magnetic stimulation has greatly contributed to understanding the function of a normal brain. It also helps in stimulating the human brain and nerves for therapy. In other words, the growth of this non-invasive method has now fundamentally shifted the modern medicine practices!

By the use of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging to electrocardiograms, many clinicians are constantly acquiring complete and better understanding of things happening inside the human body.

This is being done without the need for surgery or having to cut open the body. With that, TMS also provides an

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Understanding the Mechanism of TMS

The nerve cells in our body are surrounded by a membrane that maintains the difference in electrical potential of -70mV between their surrounding and their interior.

When current is locally induced, it decreases this potential difference by some millivolts all along the length of the cell membrane and initiates a depolarization wave that propagates along the nerve fiber length.

This is referred as a nerve impulse.

This nerve impulse can also be generated by electrode insertion into/near the nerve and can be stimulated by providing current through the skin or electrically.

Both of these

What It’s Like to Receive a Ketamine Infusion Therapy

What It’s Like to Receive a Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Receiving ketamine infusion therapy is not similar to other dental or surgical procedure. The therapy involves IV ketamine. An IV is placed for a while but it is not at all painful. It has low risks of infection especially when the treatment is performed by a professional.

At the start of infusion, you don’t feel ketamine effects immediately. However, after a while, you may feel a benign tingling sensation in extremities or lips. Some patients feel as if their mind is detached from their bodies. While this may sound strange, patients

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What is the Inclusion Criteria for Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Ketamine infusion therapy is a popular treatment for treatment-resistant depression. Almost 10 – 20 percent patients undergoing depressive state meet the criteria for treatment-resistant depression – TRD.

When you take the professional assistance of a reputed psychiatrist for infusions, you must fulfill the following inclusion criteria;

Age of 18 years or older
Must have failed minimum 3 antidepressant trials
Depression severity along with duration or lack of response to conventional antidepressant should be clinically sufficient to call for ketamine treatment and not the remaining traditional options.
Suicidal ideations should be of severity to demand ketamine

Ketamine Therapy and its Mechanism of Action

Ketamine Therapy and its Mechanism of Action

There have been several clinical trials in which single low dosage (0.5mg/kg) of intravenous Ketamine (IV) is used. As per the results, ketamine successfully yielded almost 70% response rate in individuals suffering from treatment-resistant depression. The variable duration of effectiveness seems to be related to different factors such as gender, age, depression duration, and comorbidities.

So how does Ketamine IV infusion work?

Ketamine is a receptor agonist, ionotropic glutamatergic N-methyl-d-aspartate – NMDA that has been used for anesthesia. But it is also prescribed (off-label) for the treatment of chronic pain. Ketamine set

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The Essentials of a Good Depression Treatment

There are several therapies to treat chronic depression, but unlike TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) not all of them are effective. While some of these therapies involve serious risks such as memory loss, others are either invasive or not covered by insurance providers.

However, a good depression treatment comprises of various factors. All of these factors make this treatment a lot more safe and one of the best options to go for.

For your better understanding, a good depression treatment constitute of following elements.

The treatment is safe as well as effective. There is

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Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Working For You

Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Working For You?

Contrary to popular belief, ketamine infusion therapy for treatment-resistant depression is not a magic pill. It cannot bring sudden happiness or cure all chronic depression. In fact, this cannot be true in terms of any therapy or especially antidepressant medications.

Typically, Ketamine infusion works in a different and subtle way. This therapy offers promising results in majority of cases. Most patients who opt for this treatment, report an improvement in their behavior and mood, and some notice improvement in terms of their overall functionality.

If you opt for ketamine infusion therapy, here

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ECT vs. Ketamine – Which of Them Works Better

ECT vs. Ketamine – Which of Them Works Better

Adults who suffer from chronic depression and don’t get better even after an anti-depressant treatment, look for alternative methods of treatment.

Two of these popular alternatives are ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) and Ketamine. During ECT, the patients receive a medicine which makes them fall asleep. Then a small amount of current is passed through their brain that causes a seizure. This seizure leads to some chemical changes that aid in relieving depression.

However, during ketamine therapy, ketamine is injected in small doses. The patients remain alert throughout the treatment.

While both of these procedures

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