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Thing You Must Know Before Choosing General Practitioners over Professional Psychiatrists

The prevalence of depression has increased among people of all ages. However, people usually prefer to visit family doctors rather than taking the assistance of professional psychiatrists. One reason for making this choice is the fact that people don’t like to admit seeing a psychiatrist for their mental illness.

However, fearing the stigma associated with visiting a psychiatrist, people usually fail to realize that their mental illness affects their overall lifestyle. Also, effective treatment of the issue, with the assistance of a specialized professional, is as important as the treatment of

Ketamine Therapy in the Treatment of Suicidal Ideation

The Role of Ketamine Therapy in the Treatment of Suicidal Ideation

Ketamine is a well-known anesthetic agent. Ketamine is still used in medicine for the purpose of anesthesia induction. Similarly, it is also used to treat a range of treatment-resistant diseases which may include pain disorders as well as chronic depression.

Intravenous ketamine therapy has shown remarkable success in treating various diseases in countless placebo-controlled clinical trials along with various case studies. Interestingly, the most recognized accomplishment of this therapy is its use for the treatment of chronic depression. Initially, ketamine was considered as the highly effective method to treat certain depressive


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation vs. Anti-Depressant Medication

When a person suffers from the symptoms of chronic depression, psychotherapy and antidepressant medications are always considered as the first-line treatments.

While one may think of these treatments as the most effective of all, some patients fail to yield any positive or satisfactory results from them. This usually happens when a person suffers from major depression, which is untreatable by antidepressants, and that is exactly where Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) comes in.

TMS is an FDA-approved treatment that helps to cure major depression and is usually prescribed when other medicinal treatments fail

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Ketamine A Faster Option to Treat PTSD

Ketamine: A Faster Option to Treat PTSD

Ketamine is popular as a novel treatment for many psychiatric disorders. These may include Bipolar Depression, Depressive Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Postpartum Depression, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Although PTSD is a devastating disorder that may be common, but its medical treatments are still lacking. It’s a disorder that develops once a person suffers from a traumatic experience. While 80% people do experience at least one such traumatic incident in their lives, not all of them develop PTSD.

The possibility of developing PTSD in a lifetime is about 10%. However, women are

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How Does Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Work?

TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation — is a proven treatment for depression that remains uncured with ordinary methods. This is considered as one of the most important tools in today’s psychiatric treatments.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a noninvasive procedure which does not require any skin penetration like other treatments.

So how does this treatment work well to treat depression when other procedures fail?

TMS produces significant changes in the neuronal activity, and in all those brain’s regions which are implicated in the regulation of mood such as the prefrontal cortex. As every magnetic

Treatment-Resistant Depression – Ketamine Counters Electroshock Therapy

Treatment-Resistant Depression – Ketamine Counters Electroshock Therapy

Approximately every one person out of five is affected by depression and, while many people positively respond to antidepressant medications, some might not!

However, the countless studies and emerging researches suggest that Ketamine IV infusion therapy is highly effective to treat treatment-resistant depression. The treatment is nonetheless, a medical breakthrough and has already gained popularity for its effective results.

If we consider the suicidal ideation which is the result of severe depression, ketamine IV infusion therapy has been proven positive in its treatment. As the results are rapid, this treatment is now

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Neurobiological Areas of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - ASPKC - Ketamine KC - Leawood KS

Neurobiological Areas of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The common trigger to a post-traumatic stress disorder, is usually traumatic stress, that causes persistent distress in many people.

This type of stress now includes a variety of threats on the personal level, such as sexual assault, combat, a car crash or intensive treatment of cancer. However, the main reason behind this stress disorder is the incomplete emotional processing, with regards to the trauma faced by an individual.
This incomplete and delayed emotional processing eventually results in a protracted and delayed response. However, post-traumatic stress disorder is basically characterized by three major

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Combating the Mental Illness Stigma for a Better Life

Psychiatric stigmatization is an erroneous and inappropriate approach, associated with building shameful and disgraceful feelings in those suffering from mental illness. Such stigma carries a hidden burden and ends up creating barriers to healthcare, including mental reluctance to receiving appropriate care, delay in returning towards well-being and discrimination in resource allocation.

The attitude of stigmatization is however, universally found and is deeply entrenched. For instance, in some Asian countries, the belief of being attacked by supernatural powers leads to hazardous and negative responses towards a person who is mentally ill.

Factors to

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Clinical Trials are Essential for Advancing Psychiatric Treatments

Psychiatry is a difficult science and is still in a phase of development. With new inventions, we are entering a golden period of understanding how the human mind works. This, in turn, allows us to find treatments for psychiatric ailments. These treatments are often geared towards treating biological issues that can only be identified with active research.

Here are a few pointers to help you understand the importance of performing clinical trials to improve the current psychiatric treatments:

Access to New Treatments

Clinical trials provide access to new treatments. This is an important


Understanding Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a process which is employed to treat depression that may not be resolved by ordinary methods. This method uses magnetic fields to stimulate the functionality of the nerve cells responsible for creating depressive behavior. This is an important tool in psychiatric treatment. Here are some important elements of this method:

Working of TMS

The TMS is a noninvasive procedure and therefore, does not need active penetration of the skin. A typical session starts by placing a strong electromagnetic coil near the forehead. The therapy starts when the