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Brain Function and Ketamine – How it Works - ketamine kc - aspkc - leawood ks - kansas city mo
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Brain Function and Ketamine – How it Works

It’s been a long time since we have watched the successful progression of ketamine to treat the patients suffering from psychiatric disorders. In fact, we’ve always known its effectiveness to eliminate anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and even PTSD.


So what makes ketamine so effective and how it works in our brain?

So far many researchers have attempted to unveil this mystery. These researchers have come upon many different potential uses for IV infusions including pain relief, elimination of suicidal ideations, prevention of relapse in drug abuse and alcohol etc.

Also, little by little, they painted a clear picture of how depression affects the brain. As per the discovery of Zhejiang University research team in China, ketamine decreases neuronal bursting in a quite specific and pea-sized region of our brain called lateral habenula.

This direct effect of bursting decreases the depression symptoms.

Their work also addressed many other questions that this team of researchers had with regards to ketamine use for depression such as which neural pathway leads to depression, what neural channels and other receptors must be active to make ketamine effective, how ketamine relieve symptoms of depression quite rapidly and what makes ketamine to work in the longer run.

If you read the details of the study, you can easily identify the influences of all the past ketamine studies. It is remarkable how every team of researchers builds upon the work of other researchers. All of these researchers work with the goal of bringing hope to the tons of people suffering from chronic depression all around the globe.

Just like the research will continue, we will also continue to observe the evolution of IV infusions for chronic depression while researchers piece the puzzle together. It has been an exciting and inspiring journey, and we are glad to be the active participants in providing ketamine treatment for depression.

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