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Stress Disorder - How One Tragic Event Can Disrupt Your Mental Health



Stress Disorder – How One Tragic Event Can Disrupt Your Mental Health

Have you ever met someone who has talked about how a certain event affected them greatly?  This certain event can play a great deal in disturbing a person’s mental health. Acute stress disorder is a psychiatry condition which develops following the exposure of an individual to traumatic events.

These traumatizing events may include the death of a loved one, a threat to life, physical or mental abuse, or any other serious injury. The condition gained prominence after World War I. Soldiers returning home exhibited symptoms that were later termed as post-traumatic

Ways to Alleviate Depression Symptoms - ketamine kc - leawood ks



Ways to Alleviate Depression Symptoms

There are so many wonderful people in this world who miserably struggle with chronic depression. Studies show, that the effects of depression for each person are different. Oftentimes, what treatment works for one, may not work for another.
You must have seen how debilitating effects of depression take away pleasure from patients’ daily lives.
It may also cause isolation, lower self-esteem that complicates relationships, work performance and may lead to several other ailments.
Thus, to help these people alleviate the devastating effects of depression, let us identify some of the ways that can

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Ketamine Therapy Improves the Lives of Depressed Teenagers

The major and first depressive episode of every adult, suffering from chronic depression, starts at their adolescence.

As we recommend Ketamine therapy to adults to treat treatment-resistant depression, we fail to consider the response of teenagers towards this therapy. Just like adults, teenagers also don’t respond to anti-depressants adequately.

An underdiagnosed Epidemic – Teen Depression

Since we consider teenagers as sullen and moody (naturally), the depression during teenage goes undiagnosed.

This lackadaisical behavior towards depressed teenagers is incredibly harmful. This is because an undertreated and undiagnosed depression among teenagers can lead to more tragic

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Thing You Must Know Before Choosing General Practitioners over Professional Psychiatrists

The prevalence of depression has increased among people of all ages. However, people usually prefer to visit family doctors rather than taking the assistance of professional psychiatrists. One reason for making this choice is the fact that people don’t like to admit seeing a psychiatrist for their mental illness.

However, fearing the stigma associated with visiting a psychiatrist, people usually fail to realize that their mental illness affects their overall lifestyle. Also, effective treatment of the issue, with the assistance of a specialized professional, is as important as the treatment of

Ketamine Therapy in the Treatment of Suicidal Ideation



The Role of Ketamine Therapy in the Treatment of Suicidal Ideation

Ketamine is a well-known anesthetic agent. Ketamine is still used in medicine for the purpose of anesthesia induction. Similarly, it is also used to treat a range of treatment-resistant diseases which may include pain disorders as well as chronic depression.

Intravenous ketamine therapy has shown remarkable success in treating various diseases in countless placebo-controlled clinical trials along with various case studies. Interestingly, the most recognized accomplishment of this therapy is its use for the treatment of chronic depression. Initially, ketamine was considered as the highly effective method to treat certain depressive

Treatment-Resistant Depression – Ketamine Counters Electroshock Therapy



Treatment-Resistant Depression – Ketamine Counters Electroshock Therapy

Approximately every one person out of five is affected by depression and, while many people positively respond to antidepressant medications, some might not!

However, the countless studies and emerging researches suggest that Ketamine IV infusion therapy is highly effective to treat treatment-resistant depression. The treatment is nonetheless, a medical breakthrough and has already gained popularity for its effective results.

If we consider the suicidal ideation which is the result of severe depression, ketamine IV infusion therapy has been proven positive in its treatment. As the results are rapid, this treatment is now

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Resistant Depression is Ideally Treated with Ketamine

Millions of Americans suffer from depression each year and only a fraction of these individuals can get better with ordinary treatment. This is because most people suffer from severe depression, which can only be treated with a strong drug. One of the options for this is Ketamine, which is often portrayed in the wrong light.

Ketamine is an anesthetic drug, which is capable of providing help to patients that may be struggling with typical antidepressants. Continued depression is extremely dangerous, and can often be associated with serious problems such as suicide