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Current Development to Treat Alzheimer’s disease

Aberrant processing with regards to protein – amyloid precursor, which leads to increased aggregation and production of the β amyloid peptide in the human brain, is believed to be the basis of pathogenesis of diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Whereas β amyloid peptide is cut from within the amyloid precursor by two basic enzymes called γ-secretase and β secretase, one successful strategy of treatment for Alzheimer’s disease is to decrease the making of β amyloid by inhibiting all these secretases.


Is there any practiced treatment for Alzheimer’s?

Right now, Alzheimer’s has no cure. If the symptoms of Alzheimer’s start showing, including problems in learning, memory loss, poor judgment or communication, there are only a few medicines, that may help in easing only some of the symptoms, and only in some people.

These medicines simply slow down the process of reaching the severe stages of the disease and help the brain in working properly for longer.

How to choose the relevant treatment?

The treatment however, should only be chosen after consulting with your doctor as the treatment depends on a few things, which may include your overall health, age and medical history. It also depends on the severity of your disease, along with how well a therapy or medicine will work, in accordance with your lifestyle, and preference of your family and caregivers.

Advanced Research for Alzheimer’s Treatment

Scientists are now looking into clinical trials to develop new treatment for Alzheimer’s. These studies are conducted to ensure if they can curb down the adverse effects of the disease, or slow down its process, by improving memory loss and other problems.

In addition to treatments, studies are now being conducted to go beyond drugs and to develop a vaccine to treat the incurable disease from its inception. However, since the development is in the initial stage, one should take the assistance of psychiatrists who can help in the treatment of the symptoms related to Alzheimer’s.

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