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ECT vs. Ketamine – Which of Them Works Better
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ECT vs. Ketamine – Which of Them Works Better

Adults who suffer from chronic depression and don’t get better even after an anti-depressant treatment, look for alternative methods of treatment.
Two of these popular alternatives are ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) and Ketamine. During ECT, the patients receive a medicine which makes them fall asleep. Then a small amount of current is passed through their brain that causes a seizure. This seizure leads to some chemical changes that aid in relieving depression.
However, during ketamine therapy, ketamine is injected in small doses. The patients remain alert throughout the treatment.
While both of these procedures are there to treat treatment-resistant depression, which one of these is better?
To figure out the effectiveness of both the treatments, many research studies are being conducted throughout the globe. The efforts are being made to determine which therapy works best in the treatment of TRD.
However, as per the results of several studies, conducted previously, including the experiences of the recipients;

  • ECT seemed to work initially but the relief obtained during the second round was reduced. Whereas after ketamine therapy the results were evident even after the first session. The patients were much relieved and more positive in terms of behavioral aspects
  • The effectiveness of ECT is variable as well as expensive. The patients find it hard to retain the effectiveness for a longer period of time. Also, the cost of treatment is not easily recoverable from insurance companies.
  • The ketamine therapy is found to be quicker, effective and a lot more cost-effective than ECT. The therapy works for a few minutes and has been successful in the treatment of almost 70% of the patients.

However, the results or effectiveness of the therapy also depends on your psychiatrist and their experience of this treatment. If you want to treat TRD successfully and instantly then taking the right professional assistance should be your first preference.

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