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Ketamine Has Come-up as a Promising Treatment Option for Depression

A recent US study on the effects of ketamine revealed that the drug has shown to be really effective in the quick treatment of depression and its effects, such as suicidal thoughts.


While the medicine holds the repute of being a party drug, Ketamine has officially been licensed as an analgesic, numbing agent.


This particular study also led to the conclusion that the use of Ketamine in form of a nasal spray shows substantial improvement in the initial 24 hours among those dealing with depressive symptoms. The nasal spray is undergoing phase-three trials before it can be legalized.


Dependence and Potential Abuse

The initial trials of ketamine in Kansas City and elsewhere don’t show a possibility of dependence or other potential uses of the drug. Nonetheless, the experts say this should be further examined in the subsequent trials to clear it out for good.

Depression and Ketamine Treatment in Kansas City

Since ketamine treatment against depression is still very new, the doctors and experts still can’t exactly tell the reason behind its effectiveness. Nonetheless, this is by and large because of the way ketamine communicates with the brain.

Unlike conventional antidepressants that intervene with the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, ketamine influences the receptors directly. NMDA or glutamate are the receptors that play a major role in depression, and these are what ketamine treatment blocks out. As a result, the way your brain cell communicates changes, ultimately influencing opiate and other receptors that have an impact on depression and pain responses.

What to Expect From Ketamine Treatment in Kansas City

As someone who is suffering from depression, if you finally decide to try ketamine treatment, the very first thing to do is speak to your doctor about it. Your GP (general physician) will not be able to give ketamine treatment, but he/she can refer you to a reliable center or specialist that does.

Once you have enlisted a center for ketamine treatment in Kansas City or elsewhere, go for an initial assessment before things progress further. The specialist will look at both your medical and mental health history and may prescribe a few medications that may interact with ketamine, such as Lamictal and some benzodiazepines if needed.

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