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Ketamine IV Administration and 100% Bioavailability
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Ketamine IV Administration and 100% Bioavailability

Any patient who is new to Ketamine therapy must be anxious to know more about its working and how this whole process works!

Patients must know that Ketamine treatment is provided as an outpatient procedure. In other words, there is absolutely no need for lengthy or stressful hospital stays. Also, most of the Ketamine clinics don’t even ask for a referral to treat a new patient.

All they do is to conduct an interview to learn more about the history of the patient so that they can move forward with the treatment.

When a patient has agreed to move forward, the healthcare professional evaluates the health concerns.

Patients who suffer from depression but fail to respond to cognitive therapy and other forms of medication are the prime candidates for Ketamine IV Infusions.

IV administration is recognized as the most effective and instant route to eliminating the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression. It is one of the most recommended treatments by psychiatrists.

Ketamine IV Infusions Ensure 100% Bioavailability

IV administration is the only way to be sure that the patient’s body has received an exact amount of Ketamine. This is a more controlled procedure and helps to provide the exact dosage required by the patient. The method takes out the guesswork, unlike sublingual or intranasal methods, and allows the proper amount of dose (milligram based) considering the patient’s height and weight.

Most people think about the duration of treatment. They wonder about the treatment plan. However, the treatment plan varies on the basis of the patient’s response towards the treatment. Some patients’ need multiple infusions while others require occasional maintenance infusions.

As much it is important to follow proper Ketamine infusion plan the same consideration should also be given in choosing the best professional to perform the treatment.

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