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What It’s Like to Receive a Ketamine Infusion Therapy
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What It’s Like to Receive a Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Receiving ketamine infusion therapy is not similar to other dental or surgical procedure. The therapy involves IV ketamine. An IV is placed for a while but it is not at all painful. It has low risks of infection especially when the treatment is performed by a professional.

At the start of infusion, you don’t feel ketamine effects immediately. However, after a while, you may feel a benign tingling sensation in extremities or lips. Some patients feel as if their mind is detached from their bodies. While this may sound strange, patients find it a soothing and calming experience.

While some patients worry about hallucinations, it is imperative to understand that ketamine is a more dissociative anesthetic than a hallucinogen like mushrooms or LSD.

Patients who receive ketamine may experience mild illusions but this means that some senses or light are not perceived in an enhanced way which is a normal and temporary experience during infusions.

During the treatment, patients are asked to remain comfortable and in a positive frame of mind. They are encouraged to listen to music or be in the presence of a close friend or a family member.

However, excessive stimulation and talking are discouraged during infusion. Also, it is imperative to keep the professional informed about the causing side effects during the infusion. This may include nausea, headache or feeling faintness.

After infusion, the patient might feel groggy. For this reason, it is not recommended to drive a car or to operate machinery. The grogginess usually dissipates within three hours of infusion and least likely to last till next day. Also, avoid taking alcohol or sleeping pills before or after the treatment.

To get the best and safest ketamine infusion treatment, always get the assistance of an experienced and professional psychiatrist to perform the therapy.

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