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ASPKC - Ketamine KC - Drepression - Kansas city- Leawood KS
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Resistant Depression is Ideally Treated with Ketamine

Millions of Americans suffer from depression each year and only a fraction of these individuals can get better with ordinary treatment. This is because most people suffer from severe depression, which can only be treated with a strong drug. One of the options for this is Ketamine, which is often portrayed in the wrong light.

Ketamine is an anesthetic drug, which is capable of providing help to patients that may be struggling with typical antidepressants. Continued depression is extremely dangerous, and can often be associated with serious problems such as suicide attempts and drug abuse. Providing an intervention becomes absolutely necessary when treating depression with a deep history.

Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine infusions can certainly help people in easing their depression and leading a normal life. This drug has already shown its lifesaving potential, as it is used in emergency rooms to control the suicidal thoughts that may occur due to extreme pain.

Experts point to a number of deep studies that show that Ketamine infusions are extremely beneficial for depression patients that are otherwise struggling to improve. Safe administration of ketamine can provide amazing benefits. Getting an infusion can be the difference between losing the fight against depression and starting on the path of psychiatric improvement.

Special Instructions

Ketamine is a drug having specific uses, and therefore, it may not be suitable for every depressive patient. However, a qualified psychiatric doctor can understand your needs and confirm if you need a strong intervention through the use of ketamine infusions.

Ketamine generally works well for patients that are suffering from Resistant Depression. This is a condition which does not improve at all, with the use of traditional antidepressants. It is also an ideal drug for patients who are looking for initial improvement in order to continue with traditional medicine.


Advanced Psychiatric Solutions of Kansas City offers the best ketamine infusions, which can truly provide you the relief that you are looking for!

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