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The Connection between Weight Gain, Antidepressants, and Depression - apskc - ketamine - tms - kansas city
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The Connection between Weight Gain, Antidepressants, and Depression

Depression is often associated with things like lethargy, sadness, stress, over thinking, and a loss of activity. Truth be told, clinical depression is far more than just a period where the ones suffering are stuck in the blue space.

The illness is a permanent mental condition, which can relapse over time, and stay intact for months and even years. Not to mention how depression ultimately leads to obesity, i.e., weight gain. There are several studies that deeply explain how depression increases the risk of obesity among people.

The limbic system is the part of the brain that is responsible for emotions when a person is suffering from depression. It controls your flight response, hungriness, and sexual desire.

Conventional treatments for depression include medicines like SSRIs or SNRIs or other antidepressants. Sadly, however, these antidepressants can further augment the pace at which a person gains weight.

The trio including depression, weight gain and antidepressants is a complex combination. A lack of activity and overdosing on food are two things that are usually linked to depression. And these two along with antidepressants further increase your weight, which can make the situation even worse.

So, what might you do to treat depression without gaining a lot of weight? Ketamine treatment in Kansas City and elsewhere has stirred up the hopes for the sufferers.

Ketamine – A Promising Treatment for Depression without Weight Gain

Ketamine infusion in Kansas City and across the world is emerging as an excellent modern-day antidepressant for those who suffer from depression, without causing them to gain weight.

The effects of ketamine treatment are almost instant, and some patients confirm feeling relieved within just a few hours of the infusion. The drug helps wipe out the depressive vibes and enable patients to feel better far sooner than what it takes traditional antidepressants to work.

Ketamine treatments in Kansas City help people stick to a healthier lifestyle by controlling the need to eat and stay immobile. Both these things and depression are interdependent and control one another.

If you are someone who is dear to you is fighting to get rid of depression and suicidal thoughts, now is the time you try the amazing ketamine. Visit APSKC today to take in more or to schedule an appointment!

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