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Thing You Must Know Before Choosing General Practitioners over Professional Psychiatrists

The prevalence of depression has increased among people of all ages. However, people usually prefer to visit family doctors rather than taking the assistance of professional psychiatrists. One reason for making this choice is the fact that people don’t like to admit seeing a psychiatrist for their mental illness.

However, fearing the stigma associated with visiting a psychiatrist, people usually fail to realize that their mental illness affects their overall lifestyle. Also, effective treatment of the issue, with the assistance of a specialized professional, is as important as the treatment of any other fatal diseases.

Reasons to visit a professional psychiatrist

Here are some major reasons to visit a psychiatrist over general physicians.

  • Unlike general practitioners, psychiatrists specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of mental issues. This reduces your chances of being misdiagnosed on your first visit – which is a common issue with family doctors.


  • A general practitioner is only trained to highlight your mental illness but like a psychiatrist, they do not possess the expertise or specialized education to treat the issue with the right methodologies.


  • If a general practitioner is not referring you to any professional psychiatrist, he/she might treat the issue with SSRI such as Prozac, but chances are that true diagnosis might be different than the mental depression. Hence, failing to recognize the mania attached to depression is a big risk because this is exactly how a range of bipolar disorders remain overlooked and undiagnosed.


  • Whereas medication is important in mainstream mental health, your general practitioner can only prescribe common medications. On the other hand, a psychiatrist is not only familiar with a range of medications to treat mental illness but may also prescribe them in combination as well as effectively manage their side effects.

Hence, if you are suffering from depression or any other mental illness, your best bet is to leave the stigma out and consult a professional psychiatrist and get only the best treatment right away.

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