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TMS – A non-invasive method that is changing the modern medicine practices

The transcranial magnetic stimulation has greatly contributed to understanding the function of a normal brain. It also helps in stimulating the human brain and nerves for therapy. In other words, the growth of this non-invasive method has now fundamentally shifted the modern medicine practices!

By the use of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging to electrocardiograms, many clinicians are constantly acquiring complete and better understanding of things happening inside the human body.

This is being done without the need for surgery or having to cut open the body. With that, TMS also provides an important aid in the diagnosing of various diseases.

The external application of magnetic fields and other forms of radiations have given rise to safe and non-invasive treatment methods. While the magnetic stimulation of brain and nerves have used as a research tool for years, it is now an important part of clinical practice.

The previous application of the transcranial magnetic stimulation was limited to initial diagnosis and monitoring of a neurological disease progression. But now the significant role of magnetic stimulation is aiding the treatment of notable or treatment-resistant depression.

There has been slow development of this non-invasive method over the years. The major reason was that magnetic stimulation had to wait for the solutions to the problems of practical engineering. This involves the development of proper lab equipment and most importantly the great vision of its application in the modern medical practices.

Nonetheless, TMS is now one of the safest and popular treatments for major depression. The procedure can be performed in a short period of time, under professional supervision and with no side effects.

However, to get the best results of transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, it is advised to make the most of professional insight of a reputed psychiatrist to perform the treatment.

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