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Treatment-Resistant Depression – Ketamine Counters Electroshock Therapy
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Treatment-Resistant Depression – Ketamine Counters Electroshock Therapy

Approximately every one person out of five is affected by depression and, while many people positively respond to antidepressant medications, some might not!

However, the countless studies and emerging researches suggest that Ketamine IV infusion therapy is highly effective to treat treatment-resistant depression. The treatment is nonetheless, a medical breakthrough and has already gained popularity for its effective results.

If we consider the suicidal ideation which is the result of severe depression, ketamine IV infusion therapy has been proven positive in its treatment. As the results are rapid, this treatment is now being applied more for depression treatment as compared to other procedures such as SSRI therapy.

The primary reason is that SSRI therapy takes almost two weeks of daily dosage before a patient starts feeling better. Often, psychiatrists are found struggling with finding a SSRI that would best suit the patient’s condition.

And all of this extends the treatment time of depression by more than a month, which is too much of a time for a person suffering from treatment-resistant depression or suicidal ideation. These patients need immediate attention and cannot wait for months just to start feeling better.

Along with SSRI therapy, ketamine is also going head to head with ECV – Electroshock therapy – another treatment which is used to treat chronic depression. This is because, when the patients are treated with Ketamine IV infusion therapy instead of electroshock therapy, the results are usually remarkable and much more relieving than ECV.

Therefore, any person suffering from uncured depression, suicidal ideation or who remain unresponsive to conventional therapies or procedures such as SSRI and ECV, must opt for Ketamine IV infusion therapy as the proven procedure for the treatment.

And to get the best results and a fine application of the procedure, you must hire only the professional services available.

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