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Understanding Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a process which is employed to treat depression that may not be resolved by ordinary methods. This method uses magnetic fields to stimulate the functionality of the nerve cells responsible for creating depressive behavior. This is an important tool in psychiatric treatment. Here are some important elements of this method:

Working of TMS

The TMS is a noninvasive procedure and therefore, does not need active penetration of the skin. A typical session starts by placing a strong electromagnetic coil near the forehead. The therapy starts when the electromagnet delivers a strong magnetic pulse.

This pulse activates certain brain regions, which are planned by your doctor. It especially activates the brain regions that are responsible for controlling mood and scientifically proven to be associated with depression.

The magnetic pulse aims to increase the activity of the nerve cells that typically lose their performance in depression. This process is usually carried out several times. This is essential for stimulating different parts of the brain, but the actual process is still under research.

Benefits of TMS

There are many individuals who find it difficult to beat depression with the regular course of action through medication. TMS allows these individuals to use a strong treatment approach to induce the initial intervention against depressive disorder.

There is a strong benefit of TMS, which is the absence of the usual contraindications that are often associated with antidepressant drugs. The absence of these problems allows doctors to use this intervention as an active method for reducing depression.

The Follow Up

TMS works as the activation procedure for most depression patients. It needs to be backed up using conventional medicines that are given to individuals suffering from the depressive disorder. Psychiatric researchers suggest that TMS works ideally when combined with medicinal products to defeat depression.

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